We’re often asked by our clients about the first step they should take to prepare for a real estate transaction. Whether you’re buying or selling, our recommendation is the same: get your money right. Don’t delay until you’re “ready” – you’ll never be ready without expert advice from an experienced and unbiased professional.

We have a couple recommendations
who were referred to us by extremely satisfied clients:

If you’re buying, then you want to make sure that you have enough cash to close, no surprises on your credit history, and an understanding of the requirements you must meet to be approved for a mortgage.
We’ve all heard the TV ad gimmicks like “15 minutes could save you 15% or more…” We recommend letting a professional take a second look at your insurance options so you can save real money, no gimmicks required.
If you’re thinking of selling a property which you’ve inherited, then make sure the deed and title are properly recorded. Buyers may also request a closing cost estimate so you’re prepared for settlement day.

Thad Wise

VP, First Savings Mortgage

As a residential loan officer since 2005, Thad has helped thousands of clients purchase or refinance their home.

Dave Zappacosta

President, Bridge First Insurance

Founded in 2013, Bridge First will find great rates for all types of insurance, and provide world-class service.

Joseph Moreno

Attorney, Universal Title

Universal Title has been conducting real estate settlements in the Mid-Atlantic for over thirty-five years.


If you just want to do some preliminary research yourself, here are a couple great resources to get you started:

How much can I afford?
(Courtesy of Freddie Mac)
Mortgage Comparison Shopping Sheet
(Courtesy of the Federal Reserve)