This cheesy, spicy Buffalo chicken pizza is everything we crave in one beautiful pie

The wings that started it all seem almost passe these days when you can choose from Buffalo chicken mac-and-cheese, Buffalo chicken sandwiches and Buffalo chicken empanadas. And of course, there’s the pizza. Props to whoever first thought to combine one drunk food with another, resulting in a sublimely spicy, cheesy hybrid perfect for a night out […]

Taylor Gourmet’s latest sandwich tastes like a Philly cheesesteak disguised as a burger

The sandwich has all the hallmarks of a classic griddle burger — two beef patties, lettuce, American cheese and, of course, a special sauce — but I couldn’t get two words out of my head the entire time I was wolfing down the new SP Double Stack ($7.99) at Taylor Gourmet: Philly cheesesteak. It was the onions, chopped into […]

Washington’s vegan dining scene is about to get a boost

It’s been more than nine months since husband and wife team Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby of Philadelphia’s acclaimed vegan restaurant Vedge announced they would be coming to Washington. That means there’s been plenty of time to revise their plans: The couple had intended to replicate V Street, their vegan street food bar, in Washington, but decided the name […]